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Hardness Sensor

Detect Calcium and Magnesium in real time

Realtime Lead Detection

Hardness is problematic in all water. Scaling causes major issues in industry and municipal applications alike. Hardness can cause machinery degradation and infrastructure damage.

Detecting hardness in water is essential for any major facility using water. Softening processes can be optimized, saving testing costs and chemical costs. Cleaning and descaling can be reduced. Efficiencies can be gained.

Our sensor detects the two major elements of hardness, calcium and magnesium, down into the parts per billion. This allows for highly refined treatment options for your water softening operation.


Connects to Any Flow of Water

Connect our sensor to any pipe or water flow where you need the data now.

Self Cleaning and Self Calibrating

We take care of ourselves. Our sensors are self cleaning and self calibrating, so you don’t have to worry.

Fully Automated

Our sensor reports hardness without the help of a skilled user.

Maintenance and Support

We never abandon you. Our sensors are supported and maintained throughout their life in your facility.


Suitable for multiple applications

  • Detection levels in low PPB  
  • Automated
  • Self calibrated
  • Self cleaning
  • Results to screen or SCADA system


Installation Requirements for our Lead Sensor

  • Power 120V, 15A circuit
  • Sample source line
  • Waste water line 
  • Clean water line
  • Vent to Atmosphere
  • Internet connectivity
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