Inventures 2019

We had a great time at Inventures this year. It was a great event, not just for the talks and the opportunity to share our company, which was wonderful. There was something more to Inventures than that. There was a shared sense of community, of unity, that i have failed to find at many of the other events we were at. The room was filled with people who wanted to know first and foremost what they could do to help us. And it wasn’t just talk. People who came to our booth followed up with emails, connections, and more. There is something to be said for an event which brings together so much of the Alberta ecosystem, unifying us not only in location but in spirit, and in drive. I hope that I see more of that spirit in the future, and i think it’s a great testament to the work of groups like Rainforest to bring more strength and robustness to the Albertan ecosystem.

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