Our time at Collision

Collision was a great event. We had a booth in the Alpha section on the 22nd, and our CEO Anthea headed out to meet everyone. The response from the attendees was phenomenal. A moment like this is a real validation of the need for our service. There were lots of cool companies with consumer goods, and yet our sensor drew a constant flow of people understanding the need for instant water monitoring. We always knew that operators saw the value of what we do, we’ve interviewed enough of them. It is so rewarding to understand that everyone understands the importance of real-time water monitoring.

The quality of connections at this event was also surprising. We were thrilled to make contact with investors, cities, service providers and resellers who wanted to be a part of our project and understood the value of what we’re doing.

We’ve already applied to be at Collision again next year. It was a valuable event for us, and hopefully will be again next year too.

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