The 2S Water Team

The AquaValid team came together, united in a mission to protect the world’s water with realtime data. With a combination of physics and data skills, we were able to address a long lasting industry problem with an innovative approach that can only be brought by incredible out of the box thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. Meet our team below!

Anthea Sargeaunt

CEO and Cofounder

Anthea is the CEO and cofounder of 2S Water. She is leading her team on mission to protect the world’s water with realtime data. She is an MBA with multiple previous entrepreneurial experiences, and is inspired to make 2S Water the most significant thing she has done to date. Anthea was awarded Startup Alberta’s most promising startup entrepreneur of the year, 2019. She was also awarded the 2021 Clean50 for Research and Development.

Anthony Nelson

CSO (Chief Science Officer)

Anthony Nelson is one of the cofounders of 2S Water. He brings a deep scientific understand to the team, as well as significant entrepreneurial experience. Tony has founded 10 companies over his career so far, including hardware companies in heavy industry, and so provides support in both science and market.

Avro Nelson


Avro Nelson joined the 2S Water team in February 2018. He was inspired by the company’s mission to protect water with real-time data. Avro is an essential part of the leadership team, with more than 15 years of industrial software and product design experience. When not solving the world’s problems, Avro can be found working on maker projects in Victoria, Alberta.

Anders Palmgren

Research and Development

Anders Palmgren started with the AquaValid team January 2019 as a science intern, and after graduating in 2020 joined the team full time. Anders has experience designing optical systems and applying spectroscopic techniques to materials science. Anders hopes to help in the “green” transition of the mining industry through implementation of our technology. 

Connor Fogal

Research and Development

Connor joined the AquaValid team in 2021. He is our chemistry lead, bringing a deep understanding of chemistry to our team. He’s passionate about water quality and making the world a better place. He’s also experienced in the startup industry and passionate about new technologies. 

Emily Wickham


Emily joined the AquaValid team in 2021. She keeps us organized, keeps materials in our hands and goods going out the door. Emily is passionate about the environment and water, and wants to see the world a better place.