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Our goal at 2S Water is to protect the worlds water with real-time data. Our company is building advanced, automated water sensors for water treatment, lithium brine analysis  and industrial process control. Our core product, the AquaValid sensor, uses plasma emission spectroscopy to quantify elemental contamination such as heavy metals in water. We are currently working with mining companies to ensure their water treatment is working correctly and give early warning of any events that could lead to contaminated water being released.

Are you inspired to help improve water quality? Want to make the world a better place? 2S Water are looking for a Developer to help with product development and support. We’re on a mission to protect the world’s water, and we want you to join us. 

Looking for someone who loves new challenges, is a creative thinker, and technically skilled with data handling.   

Data Scientist

2S Water gathers a large quantity of data from our automated water analysis machines. We know that we are gathering more useful data than we are currently using, but what information we can gain from this, and how we would do so is yet unaddressed. We would like a Data Scientist to join our team to aid us in designing and building a system that can stably and reliably provide elemental estimates that are used to protect waterways from contamination. 

As a specialist in communicating complex data to others the Data Scientist will also be asked to support the Executive team in preparing data and visualizations for existing and future investors, clients and stakeholders. This person will guide the company in developing a machine learning training database for a future machine learning project.

Key Responsibilities Include:

* Preparing and presenting data to stakeholders 

Communicating discoveries back to the executive and scientific teams, external stakeholders and media. Preparing clear, correct and informative visualizations to communicate complex data. The Data Scientist is an integration and processing point for the information generated by the production systems and research group. Their ability to know and communicate this information to others in the company allows people to better consume and understand this complex information.

* Identification of potential data sources

We are always looking for new sources of data to understand our machinery and what it is seeing in the world. The Data Scientist will advise on new sources of information and how they could be incorporated into our existing models.

* Preprocessing of structured and unstructured data

The data gathered by 2S Water comes in a number of formats from online databases to historic log files, this role will require processing data from all these sources at one point or another.

* Perform analysis on large data sets to discover trends and patterns

Using the ongoing stream of data from client sites generate models that allow us to identify normal and abnormal behaviour, both in the client’s machinery and process and any problems in our field units.

* Collaborate with the Research and Development Team

Work with the R&D team to understand the data they produce and advice on how to improve the process and the data gathered. This includes analysis of sensor data to understand the state of the machine itself, the pre-processing of raw spectrum and generating contamination estimates, and our confidence in them. Help the R&D team to identify additional information that can be gathered by the sensor, which will enhance our product and offerings to our clients.

* Organize and store data

Ensuring the large quantity of scientific data and metadata that is generated by 2S Water is properly cataloged and stored. This data is critical to the role of the data scientist and that expertise is to be used to work with the dev ops staff in the cataloging and backing up of the company’s scientific data. The Data Scientist will also advise on what data should be readily available and what can be stored offline. The dev ops staff to ensure safe, long term storage options are available. 

* Operate in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment and with AWS tooling

Our main servers operate in Amazon’s Montreal datacenter, the majority of our automated data collection is handled by our AWS services. AWS is large, complex and always changing so training will be available on an ongoing basis.

* Program Proficiently in Python

Python is the official programming language of 2S Water, whenever possible it is used. Notable exceptions being HTML/CSS/JavaScript when appropriate. Programming training is available on an ongoing basis.

Other Requirements:


2S Water has a laboratory in Esquimalt B.C. This position will be a largely work from home but has in-person requirements for some tasks.  

Salary Expectations:

$90,000-110,000 Annual. Pension and insurance. Paid vacation and sick leave.

COVID Expectations:

Please note that full COVID vaccination is a requirement of all positions at 2S Water Inc.

Please apply by sending your resume to [email protected]